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When you gather together today!


Beloved, What will you experience today in your church gathering? What does true apostolic and prophetic order look like in allowing God to build his house? If it not this picture below, then how is it apostolic?

If we do what we did last week, the week before and just put a few new things in it aren’t we just adding flavored syrup to the same old milk?

The apostolic and prophetic kingdom ministries of the kingdom of God don’t lord over people or control them in God’s gatherings. They allow the whole body of Christ gathered together in Jesus name to function as God desires.

The kingdom apostles and prophets of the Kingdom age cause God’s people to become who they are in Christ, and allow each part of the body to function and build the whole body up when they gather together in His name. Jesus said when two or more gather together in my name, there I am in the midst of them.

Kingdom Apostles and Prophets understand that the gatherings of the Lord are for Jesus to manifest Himself and glory in our midst. They understand that God desires pure and holy worship individually and then expressed corporately.

The understand that the Holy Spirit must lead the entire gathering and that He will use whom he will to reveal the heart and desires of God in our midst.

The Kingdom of God 5 fold ministers see who God made each believer. They pour out the substance of the life of Jesus in them for them to grow and build up the other parts of the body when we gather. They know how to decrease, so Jesus can increase in others.

How is it written then, brethren? When you gather together in worship and seeking God in a gathering EACH OF YOU HAVE SOMETHING.

This is the true apostolic ministry gift in action, they can recognize where God is, who God is ministering through, and cooperate fully with the Lord's leading and allow the Body to build itself up in love.

The church age apostolic and prophetic operate under the old wine skin is where the 5 fold minister (has the word, the anointing teaching you )and everyone take notes and receive their impartation. Yet the functioning body parts to build itself up is never allowed to happen. This must change.

Beloved Leaders, Each precious saint was created to function and build up the rest of the body as well in the gatherings of the Lord. The Holy Spirit is ready to teach us how to function, how each part is called to minister to the whole body if we will let Him.

Each body parts of Jesus Body are unique and important. They are a gift from God to us all, and what God made them and gifted them with what we all need.

Yet today services will most likely be business as usual, and Gods gifts that are right in front of the ministers will be buried again, silenced again, under the weight of the old religious wineskin.

The leaders may do a few things differently by adding syrup, but they will still be front and center as always, and they will call flavored milk a new wineskin when it is still milk of an old religious wineskin. Jesus won't be front in center to manifest his glory because there will be no room for Him.

The way we have done services week after week do not cause the body to grown up and function. There is no room for them to be fruitful to the rest of the body to God because of the order of service. There is no room at the inn for them to function.

The present religious church structure dictates to others what their idea faithfulness to God is by being faithful to them or their ministry, or coming to all services to hear them or do their chores. Beloved, This religious order of service makes more people clones of a ministry, not mature saints.

Why don't we reverse things and let God turn what is upside down right side up?

Today 5 fold ministers can we step back and let God truly be worshipped?

Can we allow the holy spirit to use whom he will? Can we let Him lead our gatherings? Will you trust Him and follow Him instead of you asking him to follow you?

Can we let the Holy Spirit teach and guide his whole body or just you? Can we find the flow He desires for your gathering and can Jesus manifest his glory in your midst? Will you let him lead his people behind the veil torn in two?

The people God entrusted to your care are not robots to do your ministry work, they are gifts from God to be one with the Lord, minister to his heart and be one and minister to one another

Each one is unique and special and yes need to be taught and trained and God will do that in your midst.

Yet, they must learn how their part when you all come together is valuable as they hear God as well as yours minister of God, They must learn they can move in God as well as you to add their part to the whole body.

If we would just make seeking God our agenda, seeking his face, and heart, and look to hear his voice individually and collectively, God will build his house made of living stones instead of ministers trying to build a religious house made with religious stones.

If our services look like, acted like, and did what we have always done but we just added flavored syrup, beloved, that is not the new wineskin of the kingdom age. It is just flavored religious milk.

Let Go and trust God to build His house, He is more than able if we 5 fold ministers can decrease and God can increase. Then He will be able to increase in the other parts of His body. Then the whole church can build itself up in the true love of God.

Please remember today: You cant put new wine in an old wineskin.

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