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Beloved, Here is a question for us today?

If we are Kingdom people and not in the church age then why are we still doing church services, church activities, church conferences as we have always done? You can not put new wine in an old wine skin.

Beloved, It is a new day, can you not perceive it? He has made new ways in the wilderness, and is bringing forth streams of true living water to minister to the hearts of his full grown sons and daughters.

We are not where we were or will we ever be going back to where we were. We are in a new hour, a new moment in history, a new day, The Day of the Lord is upon us.

We have entered into the season of the transformational marriage supper of the Lamb.

We must let go of how we did things and why we did them in the church age. The church age will never be the kingdom age or visa versa.

The church age is the “lesser” and the Kingdom age is the “greater” just as the Old Testament and the Law is lesser than the New Testament and the Living Word of God.

The lesser has to enter the greater. The obsolete must enter the new. The old must pass away, so that all things can become new.

We can’t pick and choose what we want to keep in the church age. Not how we minister, not our church services, our activities that we love, how we prayed, how we ministered. It has and is passing away. The lesser must yield to the greater.

The gifts of the spirit are still working but they too must come into the higher realm of Glory from the 7 spirits of God the Spirit of Prophecy which is the testimony of Jesus which is the greater.

The 5 fold ministry function of the church age is “now the lesser” to the 5 fold ministry function from the glory realm connected with the 4 living creatures, the 7 torches with 7 eyes, the transparent sea of glass, the 24 elders and the great number of angel and the cloud of witnesses.

The lesser must enter the greater. We have greater and better promises waiting for us from the Kingdom age that God spoke to us during the church age and have not yet come to pass.

They did not come to pass because those words were for the this day. .The dawn of the kingom of God age upon the earth. It is time to cry out, “prepare ye the way of the Lord” and make the crooked path straight once again.

We are being transformed out of one age to enter the Kingdom age in which the Glory of God shall be seen risen upon his remnant people.

Until we let go of the entire system (rooted in religious rituals) we can never enter the fullness and power of the Kingdom age manifesting on the earth.

The church age produced a mixture of lukewarm, a mixture of our flesh, thoughts and reasonings mixed with God. That mixture is the cause Jesus will spew it out of his mouth.

In the kingdom age, there is no mixture of flesh and spirit. It just pure Spirit God working fully in His Spirit people living in these tents called our Body. We are to live and move in the Holy Spirit of God and be led by him fully.

If we hold unto our “services” and keep doing them as we have, our conferences with the ‘church mentality of ministry we will block people from entering behind the veil into the very glory realm of God.

The season has changed. The time has changed, and the new way of our “gathering together” under the restoration of David’s Tabernacle is now here.

Who will embrace it? Which 5 fold ministers are willing to walk away from the form of our services, meetings and gatherings birthed in the passing away church age religious system to gain the new kingdom wineskin and the new unfolding ways of God for this end time hour?

Will it be you? Are you willing to lay it all down and say, “Lord I am not moving without you, this service is not about us, it is not about me preaching of ministering, it is about being with you and you ministering through whom you choose.

It is about the Body of Christ being built up as one in Him and Him in us. We don’t need another dead church service, another conference as we have done them before with guest speakers, and everyone come and listen to these great men and women.

We are entering into the Glory realm gatherings and convergences of the Lord, where Jesus is free to lead us, guide us, build us together with the Father and the Holy Spirit manifesting themselves in our midst.

The lesser has to enter the greater. No greater love than this, then a man lay down his life for his friends. Will you minister of God lay down your old church age ministry and calling for the Lord and for His friends?

Are you willing to receive the fresh and hidden manna of God for this hour to fulfill your calling and purpose and allow the Lord to meet the needs of his people as they learn how to minister to His needs first?

Who will let go? Who will truly get rid of the old wineskin to get the new one from the Lord? I pray it will be you.

God has a specific purpose for us to gather together then “services and conferences” like we have done in the church age. Just because the topic is new does not mean the tools are new that you may be using.

The mixture of the old with the new will cause the wineskin to break and the new wine to fall on the ground. Is that what you want minister of God?

The restoration of the Apostles and Prophets is now different than it was in the church age. It looks nothing like what we have seen or what we see now.

The function we see now for the most part is still rooted in church age wisdom and understanding and it will do little to bring about the function of God’s wheel within a wheel upon the earth.

Beloved, old things,, including our old tools, methods and means to minister to the church and the lost has passed away so they enter the greater realm of God’s glory that will be ready and fit for the end time harvest that is coming into God’s house.

You can’t put new wine in and old wineskin, so lets stop trying to do by minister with a “service and conference” mentality of the church age.

We must let the lesser enter the greater, the Kingdom of God manifesting on the earth through his full grown sons and daughters ready for such a time as this.

Blessed be His holy Name

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