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A call to God's Misfit Warriors:

Word of the day: November 15, 2021

Beloved of the Lord,

To all of the saints that seem not to fit into the "church age structure and hierarchy"with all it's pomp, titles and glamor, either individually or even a local church hungering for God, be encouraged, NEITHER DID JESUS!

Don't be discouraged, God is doing a new thing, can you not perceive it? You were made by God and you have a part in His body of believer. God is making a way in the wilderness for you and giving you streams in your desert time now!

Beloved, you may not be in a "church" as we presently describe one with all it's structure and rituals, but you don't let the devil lie to you. You have a vital part in His true body of believers.

The Lord is going to bring many who have not been in a local church setting or left the old church structure and system together to seek His face and be one body of believers.

The old wineskin of the church age and all its mixture, structure and programs mixed with flesh and Spirit is going to come to an end.

A Bride without spot or blemish is being made now. Full grown sons and daughters of God are beginning to arise and shine with the light of God's glory.

A royal priesthood and a holy nation is being formed as we speak upon the earth. A wheel within a wheel mature people married to Jesus are about to become Joel's prophetic army upon the earth.

We have never seen what we are about to become. We have never walked where we are about to walk. We have never spoken as we are about to speak, and we have never done what Jesus is about to do in his full grown multi-membered body of over-coming saints. 2nd Thessalonians 1:10 says, "in that day (this day) Jesus will come to be SEEN GLORIFIED IN HIS SAINTS!

That day is here and He is not coming in the old wineskin of the church age, He is coming at the dawning of the kingdom age to be seen, and to be glorified in HIs remnant people who have been waiting upon Him.

Many religious ministers are going to actually hate what God is about to do. What God is about to release in his remnant people will threaten the very religious pharisees and sadducees of our day as well.

Too many love their titles, positions, wealth, and power of their "religious house" more than the love God. They have lost their first love and they do not do their first work.

Their hearts have grown fat and their eyes and ears are dull like Eli and their sons are as evil as his sons over the house of God. Yet, God had a Samual to hear the voice of God and He has a remnant people who are hearing His voice like him and like Jeremiah!

So don't grow weary because you don't fit that old structure that God used to save us, heal us, restore us, but never intended for it to complete us. That was his work to do on the third day and the third day is here where He has come to finish his work in all those who want it.

To those who do want it, He is bringing them together from all over the world to find each other. He is bringing them together to be knitted and fitted into a wheel within a wheel, a royal priesthood and a holy nation.

The new relationships and new assignments, new alignments are all part of God's end time plan to transform the Kingdoms of this world into the Kingdoms of our God in Christ.

The Book of revelation chapters 1-5 are unfolding before our eyes before the seals are broken and the end time works released.

For when that times comes there will be a remnant army of believers who have been prepared, positioned and now ready to be propelled with His glory to be seen on the whole earth.

Perhaps God did not allow you to fit in to what is passing away so you would fit into what is coming into being. For you have been chosen for such a time as this.

Many are called, but few will pay the price to qualify to be chosen of the Lord. This is your moment in time.

Many of you have suffered much hurt, much persecution and have been buried under a church structure made for just a few to lead and everyone else serve their vision.

Many of you have lost hoped that God could ever use your life as a living sacrifice? Many of you have given up on finding others to fellowship with you that understand the burning passion for Jesus in you and do things only His ways.

Beloved, you are not alone. Your wilderness time was to prepare you for this moment in history. Your wilderness time of truly finding Jesus and knowing Him is going to be added to others who have gone the way of the wilderness themselves.

Now the time for the full grown sons and daughters to come out of that wilderness leaning fully upon their Beloved Jesus.

Now is the time they are being united with other brothers and sisters who are coming out at the same time to be formed into a Kingdom of Priests and Kings to God to rule and reign with Him forever and ever.

Lift upon your head oh ye gates, and lift up your heads you age abiding doorways and let the King of Glory come in. Who is this King of Glory, the Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle. He is the King of Glory and He is here to make us one with him and one with one another.

Truly the time is here where the world is going to know we are His disciples by the love we have one for another. The time is here. The hour has come. Misfits of the Lord, arise for your light has come and the Glory of the Lord shall be seen risen upon you.

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