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Discern the times

Word of the Day: October 16, 2021

Beloved when a nation wants to release a successful campaign to take over another nations they do two things.

The first thing when you want to invade a country is to destroy and stop the communications. (shut the mouth of the resistance).

The second thing is to cut the supply lines of resources. What do you see? Why is the supply lines broken down in our nation so we can't get supplies on time and we run out of everything?

Is it an accident big-tech and the media elites are controlling what we see and hear, and stopping any voice opposing the present regimes agenda of the globalist order?

Is it an accident all these supplies are sitting off shore like a sitting duck and store shelves are empty. Is it an accident they are telling you there may not be the products you need for Christmas or even to eat or shop regularly.

So in our nation, free speech is being removed against those who speak against the Global Build Back Better reset. Why is no one doing anything about the shortages?

Why is the Transportation Secretary on leave when the supply chain is broken. I read tonight from the former head of Walmart that the supply chain in this nation is completely broken in the getting and supplying of products and things look very bleak about getting.

So what are the first two things you do when you want to invade a nation. Cut off the communication and the supplies and supply line? So far, you could say, "mission accomplished? But why? What is all this mean?

It means we are not in the same moment, hour, day , time and season we were in 2019. Everything has changed. The end of the church age with it's structure had come to and end and it can not contain the new wine of the wineskin.

We are seeing the Lord trying to remove that old wineskin of mixtures of flesh and spirit in the church to bring us behind the veil into complete oneness with him as a bride with her bridegroom.

Beloved we are never going back to where we were in 2019. Now is the time to get a grip on it. The old normal is gone and a new day is unfolding that will never be normal because of the hour we now live in. Old things are passing away and all things are becoming new.

Now Beloved, you tell me what is happening in America? What do you see as good that has happened since Jan 20, 2021? How has this nation gotten better?

Did God not warn us what would happen if the election went one way or another? Now we are seeing it with our own eyes in a short 9 months of a birthing period.

What has gotten birthed by the enemy in this nation? Communications attacks against the first amendment , and our supply lines under severe attack.

If they fall, we fall as a nation. Who would want that to happen? Why would politicians give themselves to that very agenda? Because the time of all things to unfold is here.

Beloved, you can tell me that We don’t need to return to God? Repent and Seek first the kingdom of God and HIs righteousness and do our first work again?

No, to many believe we can stay in our religious shells and pretend nothing is wrong, nothing is happening and everything will get to normal?

Don’t speak about what is happening in the world, the unfolding of the end times? Don’t speak about what is trying to take over the world to awaken Gods people and prepare them. Just do business as usual church expecting another revival to come.

Beloved we are not going back to normal before 2019. We have entered the epic battle of the transformation of planet earth, the kingdoms of the world becoming the kingdom of our God in Christ.

The end time events are about to unfold as the glory of God in his full grown sons manifest and Gods cleansing judgement are going to be released to remove all evil from the planet. Jesus with his overcoming people is going to rule the earth for 1000 years and then the finishing of all things will come.

Beloved, we need to understand what hour we are living in. We need to be prepared, positioned and propelled with his glory for what is coming on the earth.

Get ready and learn the sign of the times are speaking to us to return to God, repent, be saved and come back home to God.

The end of all things and the removal of all evil are is beginning to unfold. It may appear the enemy seems to be winning, but he is not. Jesus Christ has come "in this day" to be seen glorified in His saint. 2 Thes 1:10.

Arise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord is about to be seen risen upon his full grown sons and daughters.

A spiritual revolution and transformation time in human history is here and God wants you dead center in His will. This is the moment God is pouring our his pure holy love in His remnant people bringing them into full maturity.

A wheel within a wheel is arising, an end time army of the Lord is arising as in Joel chapter 2 ready to follow King Jesus in his epic end-time battle to transform the earth.

WE don't have time to waste living as church as usual in a church structure and system that is not preparing God's people for what is coming on the earth.

This is the time to get ready for what is coming. If you can't see what is coming, you can't be prepared. If you can't understand the times and seasons of God, like the Pharisee's of old you will miss the preparation for Jesus 2nd coming as they missed the first one, and you won't be ready for it.

Please beloved don't let this day come upon you unawares. Don't let this day come upon you as thief in the night, be ready, be prepared for the time of your being propelled with His glory is now unfolding upon the earth. Selah!

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