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Team Converge is a voluntary Holy Spirit work of the Lord arranging the different Body parts from all over the nation and nations to labor together to conduct Divine Convergences in the cities and nations to advance the Kingdom of God on the earth. 


Team Converge is the beginning of the fulfillment of Ezekiel’s wheel within a wheel manifesting on the earth and the arising of Joel’s Prophetic army under the direction of King Jesus. This arising army is being birthed and brought together supernaturally to function as one mature corporate Body of Christ to release and demonstrate the Glory of God to transform the earth. 


This arising army will walk with Him in His dominion power and authority to subdue the earth. The Kingdoms of this world shall become the Kingdom of our God in Christ under the headship of Jesus Christ the King of King and Lord of Lords. 




Part one: Deployment team: This is a team of trained worshiping warriors, 5-fold ministers who are skilled in the worship and ministry to God as in David’s Tabernacle. This deployment team is sent to the cities where God has shown us to go to meet the Lord for His purposes.  


Part two: The second part of Team Converge is our operational support team.  This team consists of home prayer and worshipping warriors called to pray for the convergence and team sent out. It also consists of individual saints, churches and ministries who have covenanted with us to pray, give financial support to pay for the cost, logistical support with supplies that we need for each convergence. 




Team Converge will gather with the remnant of God’s servants to rebuild the fallen walls of David’s Tabernacle as found in Amos 9:11 and minister to the heart of the Lord in divine convergences in the places where they are sent. They are called to gather the psalmist, musicians, singers, dancers, flag ministry, artists, scribes, hand maidens and men servants, 5 fold ministers, radical lovers of God to come for 6 set apart days to minister to the Lord’s heart and to receive His words, His instructions, thoughts and plans for their lives, ministries and for the place they have been sent. 


As they minister to the heart of God where they are sent, God will thoroughly change the spiritual atmosphere over the area that will dramatically bring transformation to the people who abide there. We have witnessed this change with our own eyes and how it impacts the entire communities. We have seen many signs, wonders and miracles done by the Hand of God alone! 


If you have been called to minister to the heart of the Lord in David’s Tabernacle style of spontaneous worship then perhaps you would pray about joining this team. If you are skilled as a psalmist, singer, musician, dancer, flag ministry trained as a prophetic scribe, one who is trained as a handmaiden and man servant, a prophetic intercessors, or you are 5 fold minister that is seeking to see the body fully equipped and prepared with the Glory of God pray about joining this team. This is truly a supernatural work of God aligning His Body parts where He wants them to be where each part of His body can truly supply what the other needs. 


Please consider joining and being part of Team Converge. Check out our event page to see where the next Divine Convergence will be and register to come and check out what the Lord is doing. Hope to see you soon and for you to be added to the arising army of God upon the earth. 

Deployment Team

Jared and Amber.jpg
Jared and Amber Rook
Gulf Breeze FL
Ethan and Kelley.jpg
Ethan and Kelley Stoen Ankeny, Ia
Sarah Svitlik Waterbury CT

Maritza Martinez Miami FL

jeremy and nicole.jpg

Jeremy and Nicole Delacruz Greeley CO

michelle new.jpg
Michelle Bisbee Hudson, Ia
mom dad2_edited.jpg
Revs. Henry and Donna Falcone
Gulf Breeze FL
Pastor Jesse.jpeg

Pastors Jesse and Marilyn Oliver  

Lin no glasses.jpg
Rev. Lin Houston Loveland CO
Jeanna Oliver.jpeg

Jeanna Oliver

Jay Bernardo Saratoga Springs NY

Operation Team

Will Wheatland Philadelphia PA
mary r.jpg

Mary Ramirez Greeley CO


Delores Giles Evans CO

Patricia Bailey.jpg
Patricia Bayley
Alberta & British Columbia CA
Apostle Pastor Devin Rajiah .jpg
Apostle/Pastor Devin Rajiah of Bethel AG Church, Bambous. Mauritius.
Sharal Norden-Letkeman
Manitoba, CA
Pastor Charlie and Yvonne.jpeg
Pastors Charlie and Yvonne Svitlik
Waterbury CT
Barbara and Dave Taylor Naples FL
Bishop Ross.png
Bishop Ross Philadelphia PA
Dr. Polly Cochran .jpg
Dr. Polly Cochran Philadelphia PA
mary j.jpg
Mary Jasinski Tucson AZ

Other Members

Lydia Wong Australia
Wanda Rice Philadelphia PA

Candace Upshaw Philadelphia PA

Lynette Mason Philadelphia PA

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