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TEAM ADVANCE 5-FOLD CONNECTION: is for the Lord to knit and fit together His 5-fold connecting ministers to advance the Kingdom of God with his saints upon the earth through divine advances. This connection is for the 5-fold ministers who have a vision of the restoration of David’s Tabernacle to establish God’s government upon the earth. These ministers understand that God is now gathering together His musicians, psalmist, singers, dancers, flags, scribes, prophetic intercessors, hand maidens and men servants who know how to minister to the heart of God in pure holy love for him first.  From that ministry to the Lord, the 5-fold ministers will be connected to the rest of the connecting body to receive and execute THE END TIME THOUGHTS, PLANS AND STRATEGIES OF THE LORD for this hour upon the earth.  Surely, Ezekiel’s vision of a wheel within a wheel is now being formed by the hand of God as Joel’s prophetic army of 5-fold ministers and people are being made into a royal priesthood and holy nation to transform the earth following Jesus Christ the King of Kings into battle. 


5-Fold Connection purpose: 


  1. To meet, pray, fellowship together to seek the face of God for His will to be done on earth as it is heaven. 

  2. To allow God to connect us together to form His wheel within a wheel upon the earth to advance the kingdom of God as each part supplies what the other needs. 

  3. To come together in divine advances in cities, states, regions and nations as God would lead to change the spiritual atmosphere and advance God’s purposes in that area.

  4. To labor together to equip, prepare and position God’s remnant worshipping warriors with the new weapons and new armor of the kingdom age to be propelled with the arising Glory of God upon them to transform the earth.

  5. To enter into true love bond relationships with God and each other to love and serve one another for the Glory of God to be seen

  6. To have a weekly video gathering where each 5-fold minister can share their heart, their needs, their church or ministry needs unhindered and unashamed so God can show us each of us what to do and how to help each other. 

  7. To have connecting place for us to pray for each other, our families and the works of God together as a corporate bride of the Lord.


In this connection we will do less talking and more listening to God and to each other as each hears the voice of God as He desires to hear and know. To those that join this 5-fold connection we will gain God’s supernatural instruction of how God will build up His spiritual house of living stones, his royal priesthood and holy nations that will greatly affect the nations.  Jesus said, “no greater love than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” 


If you would like more information about TEAM ADVANCE 5-FOLD CONNECTION, you can contact me at or We pray that those God is calling us to be knitted and fitted together as 5-fold ministers with will hear this call and be joined together as one people in the Lord Jesus Christ for His glory alone to be seen upon the earth. Now is the time to allow God to place each of us exactly where He wants us, doing the right work, at the right time with right people for His end time purposes. Are you ready? LET’S GET CONNECTED! 

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