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Rev. Henry Falcone brings forth Kingdom truths & principles that establish the Kingdom of God in men’s hearts. From 2020 till now, he has been sharing the Glory Roadmap Series and releasing the present word of the Lord for this day & hour. Many have testified of the “golden nuggets” they have received & how it has changed their lives forever in growing in the Lord.

These teachings have been seen by thousands on Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Spotify throughout the nations. Join us daily as scheduled to receive the hidden manna, secrets, and mysteries of the Kingdom of God.

The Firebrands: A Voice Crying in the Wilderness is a broadcast highlighting the work of God’s Kingdom in
generations X, Y, Z, and Millennials. This forerunning generation is arising with a new sound & word that will change, shake, and impact the nations. A new breed of leaders with the heart of David is coming to the forefront to bring the Body of Christ into God’s end-time purposes. Join us each week to hear the voice of many waters of this young generation preparing a way for the Lord’s coming.

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The Firebrands
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