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Other Members

  • Lydia Wong Australia
  • Wanda Rice Philadelphia PA
  • Candace Upshaw Philadelphia PA

  • Lynette Mason Philadelphia PA


Vida Lucia Chavez 

Mother of 6 teens. From Brownsville Tx., Joined Flame of Fire Ministry after the Gathering in Connecticut , October 2023. I had been looking for my tribe and found it in Connecticut, the ministry felt like family immediately, I'm so thankful God changed my plans and led me to CT where I met brother Henry and sister Donna , as well as some of the team, we are a tribe now. It is now an honor to serve the Lord  and the ministry as a prayer leader and intercessor"

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Crystal Cervantes 

I am from Phoenix, Arizona where I live with my 4 daughters and husband. I have been following FOF and Pastor Henry for five years. I have been given the privilege and honor of being part of the intercession team recently. When I was connected to this powerful work of God, I knew that this was the part of the body I was part of my kingdom family. And after my 10-year-old daughter Diamond and I were led strategically by God to the gathering in Ct a complete shift and transformation came upon my life, home, marriage and family. Diamond was so filled and transformed a pure hunger and fire was kindled in her that has brought her into such a deep love and desire to know God more was awakened in her life. I know that will happen in at very place and time God leads us to intercede and lock arms for a region and His people the impact and power of that work floods our personal love as well. I am so expectant to continue to see His Kingdom expanding and being established in the hearts of His people!

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