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The Mission: Advance

God is sending us as Apostolic and prophetic missionaries to impact the cities, states, regions & and nations by intense worship & interceding warfare to God on behalf of His people. We are fulfilling Amos 9:11, which is the rebuilding of the Tabernacle of David where the true ministry to the heart of God is restored. Through this rebuilding, the Lord has touched thousands of people, young & old, churches, and ministries to be transformed by the Glory of God in our midst.

God has sent us to bring a spiritual atmosphere shift through intercession & worship in some of the hardest-hit cities in this nation. The Lord opened the heavens to impact schools, businesses, governments, universities, and neighborhoods to bring fundamental change. People, cities, and spiritual atmospheres will never be the same because of all that God has done!

The Mission: The Gathering

In 2021, we began our very first Gathering of the saints that involved no preset agenda and no guest speakers, only the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in the midst of His people. The Lord instructed us to strip away the normal structure of services and conferences to just seek the heart and will of the Father. We
gather together to worship at the feet of Jesus and minister to His heart. In turn, He comes and ministers to us individually and then as a corporate body, with Jesus Himself as the head.


With the work of restoring David’s Tabernacle, God has brought singers, musicians, Psalmists, flaggers,
scribes, handmaidens, manservants, artists, 5-Fold ministers, and those hungry for God. Together, we
become one voice & one people expressing the heart of God in our midst.


The testimony of many that came is that “they will never be the same” from experiencing the Glory of the
Lord in our midst! 5-Fold ministers were able to function from that glory realm to uplift the Body of Christ
in ways they have never done before. Surely, there were no big people or little people - just God & His
people together as one.

The Gathring
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